Knight Wall Systems Cladding Attachment over "ci" continuous insulation

Knight Wall Systems manufactures versatile, ventilated rainscreen attachment systems that accommodate an expansive array of cladding options. All Knight rainscreen mounting systems are energy code-compliant offering cladding attachment directly over rigid insulation sticking to the true definition of continuous insulation. Their rainscreens can be specified with any cladding/siding product that meets the general loading requirements of each system.


Why Knight Wall?

  • Cladding attachment directly over rigid board allows for feasible sequencing of trades and sticks true to the ASHRAE 90.1 definition of continuous insulation
  • 10 year, full replacement cost warranty includes labor and peripheral material replacement
  • Works for almost any rainscreen facade system
  • 3 innovative designs: Vertical Ci-Girt, Horizontal Ci-Girt & Mineral Fiber bracketing system - all provide thermally isolated components and fasteners.
insulation that is continuous across all structural members without thermal bridges other than fasteners and service openings. It is installed on the interior, exterior, or is integral to any opaque surface of the building envelope”

— ASHRAE 90.1 continuous insulation (ci)


Knight Ci System - Vertical Girt

  • Easily installed over any type of substrate – steels studs, wood studs, CMU, concrete
  • Vertical CI-Girt® can be spaced 16″, 24″ or 32” O.C
  • Support cladding weighing up to 20 PSF
  • Pre-engineered and 3rd party tested for proven performance, reliability and durability
  • Attach cladding directly to vertical CI-Girt or add optional KWS horizontal rails (such as PanelRail)
  • Attach nearly any type of cladding – supplied by any manufacturer

Knight HCI System - Horizontal Girt

  • Support cladding weighing up to 9 PSF
  • Real labor savings – no notching or cutting of exterior rigid board insulation like with Z-girts, brackets or clips
  • Engineering calculations provide design load compliance for each specific project
  • Cladding can be attached directly to the horizontal HCI-Girt or used with optional vertical rails (such as PanelRail™ or RevealRail™)
  • Complete, drop-in rainscreen attachment system – girts, thermally isolated fasteners, rails and engineering – one source liability for the whole system

Knight MFi Sytem - Mineral Fiber

  • Accommodates up to 6″ of outboard insulation
  • Rails may be attached to ThermaBracket™ in a vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Attach nearly any cladding with easy and efficient installation and detailing
  • High corrosive-resistant Zn-Al-Mg ZM40 coating for a long service life vs. typical G90 Galvanized steel