Autism Treatment Center's new facility in San Antonio

Construction for San Antonio’s Autism Treatment Center’s (ATC) new facility received extra helping hands when several building material manufacturers donated their products to the project. Nearly 4,000 sf of Hunter XCI Ply, a composite insulated sheathing system, was donated by Hunter Panels. This gave Stantec, the architecture firm who designed the project, its first go at designing with the system as a part of their commercial wall assembly. Their project architect said it offered a clean surface for the air barrier and was great for the metal panel fasteners. Superintendent Pete Alcoser of Malitz Construction who built the facility shared similar feedback saying, “It worked out very well. The metal panels went up quickly because the entire face of the wall is an attachment point.”

For ATC, the XCI Ply system provided unimpeded continuous insulation – no Z-girts – and an engineered cladding attachment substrate. The fire-treated plywood + XCI polyiso combo is an NFPA 285 champion offering myriad compliant assemblies and approved for types I-V construction. The system installs directly over steel studs taking the place of fiber sheathing boards. Coated glass mat polyiso contributes to the high R-Value per inch at an R-6. In climate zone 2, two inches of polyiso in the exterior cavity used continuously can eliminate the need for interior cavity insulation in most cases (U-Value prescriptive path). It is worth noting, air & water barriers are no longer hidden behind insulation in this wall design, which is a leg-up for AWB inspection and repair. And the consensus among those who have built using XCI Ply say it is the key component in speeding up envelope wall completion.

If you’re near the 1604 loop and Nacogdoches Road in northeast San Antonio, check out the new facility @ 15911 Nacogdoches Road.

Thanks to Hunter Panels (XCI) for contributing their material for a great cause.

- Darren